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Month prog: This is a prog that works like time_prog, but checking the months instead of the hour, so you can establish the seasons (load seasonal objects, etc). It can be used with object, mob and room progs.
Punct snippet: It is to format big numbers for easy understanding so you will see things like: "You have 53.764.810 gold pieces" instead of "You have 53764810 gold pieces". It can be used with anyelse function returning an integer ( gold, level, weight, etc).
Game of chance: This is a kind of game of chance. It's about a mob with 3 cups, he puts a piece of amber into one of them and quickly interchange them. The player makes a bet and try to guess where is the piece. If he gets it right recieves a reward. You can set max and min bet, as well as the reward. You can also set the min level of players who can do the bets.

Load messages: When an area resets, the game reloads killed mobs, etc. With this snippet you can add a specific message to each mob, that will be sent to the room where it happens. You can add this messages offline or online (via 'mset') and include the new 1.4a 'colorize' features.

Mana requirements: This snippet shows the mana (or blood, if vampire) needed for a player to cast a spell with success. You can type 'mana all' (or 'blood all') and you will see a list of all the spells you can cast (if you have the minim level required and if you have practiced it) followed by the amount of mana you need to cast it. If you have set ANSI to ON, the spells that you can cast (because you have the enough mana) will be yellow coloured, and the one you cannot will be red. Also it is possible to type: mana <spell_name> , and it shows you the mana required to this specific spell to be cast.
Ported from Rom 2.4
The following snippets have been ported from Rom code to Smaug 1.4:
Healer: It works like the Rom way. You have a list of spells you can heal and you pay a small amount of money to get the mob services.
Morgue: If the character dies, the corpse doesn't stand in the fight place. It goes to a defined Morgue room where the player can retrieves his objects.
Starmap: (by Nebseni of Clandestine Mud). This snippet allows players to look at the sky and see a realistic display of stars at night, including a moon that moves across the sky in various phases; during the day they will only see the sun (and moon if visible). I have also added the weather conditions, so if it is clouded, obviously, you cannot see the stars either.
Some Bugs fixed in Smaug 1.4:
Do_commands: Commands beginning with 'm' (music, mail, etc) or 'p' as second letter ( open, up, etc) doesn't appear.
Stunned people: They don´t see messages like: "You are stunned, but will probably recover", etc.
Beep sound: Tired of your beep sound? Change the frequence and the duration ;)
Ascii Generator : You can easily convert an image into an ascii file to include it in rooms descriptions, helps, etc.. Simply an impresionant program.

Area Editor: Another good Smaug areas editor.
Desden, el Chaman Tibetano - Dic 1998
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